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Gay Bondage and Boys


Another fan submission - with my caption:
"Well boys, now that we know this thing works well enough at getting our point across, we’ll leave you to your evening’s entertainment… If you get bored in the meantime, I suggest you have a long hard think about where you’re going to be getting all that money you owe us from… and remember, the machine is sound activated, so scream if you wanna go faster!"




Had another fun session with leatherbondagelove this afternoon. Man, that boy is fun to torture. He really is beautiful when he’s suffering. I know I said it before, but it’s true. He makes the hottest little moans, whimpers, and screams, which are even hotter filtered through a taped-shut mouth. I just wish he was more of a pain slut sometimes so I could really go at him. I introduced him to clothespin zippers earlier, which he took like a champ, even though it was more pain than he could handle. 

I’m both looking forward to and dreading when he finally tops me. I’m in for some pretty vicious payback, apparently. O:-)

My Sunday afternoon, ladies and gentleman.


Very cute lad indeed. Want.

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Love lockdown


this slave voluntarily lays its head into the stocks, expecting the punishment it is trained to accept and fully understanding the pleasure this gives to Master…

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